Home Automation…auto pilot for your home.


Our solutions to home audio and visual include the ability to control all of your sound and video devices from one remote.  That remote can be the smart device you carry with you all of the time!

Total control of your home includes the ability to control lighting. From programmed scenes to automatic lighting our solution covers everything to do with illuminating your home.

Home climate control is totally integrated into our system. Schedule controlled thermostats are great; we take it another step and adjust the thermostat by the changing weather outside. You never need to worry about the season or your thermostat.

Home security is becoming more important.  Feeling secure in your own home even when you aren’t there. Our system can integrate with a home alarm system and security cameras.


Automation Includes Window Coverings

Part of home automation includes window coverings.  Quinte Home Automations Solutions now offers a complete window covering solutions package.  We are excited about having the ability to provide solutions for “A Frame” style windows in lofted ceiling applications.  More information is available on the Window Coverings page.


Quinte Home Automation Solutions can provide a package that is tailored to your home automation needs.